I have been having psychological problems like depression, anxiety, and stress. I wish to undergo psychoanalysis preferably under a male psychoanalyst. Kindly forward the names, their brief profile and timing.

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  1. Sorry for being late in responding to you. Do you want psychoanalysis in particular? Or psychotherapy? Psychoanalysis is a particular approach to psychotherapy that originates from theory and practice of Sigmund Freud.Several psychotherapists at Samikshani practice psychodynamic psychotherapy, which is based on the theory of Freud and later psychoanalysts, but does not use the classical psychoanalysis method of free association on the couch. We have two male therapists, Subhrangshu Aditya (+919477865716) and Subhrojyoti Mukherjee (+919830115878). You can call either of them and give reference of Samikshani and fix appointment for consultation at Samikshani. Thanks, Bulbul Baksi

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