My ward, aged 13+, is very inattentive in his studies. His language sense is poor. He doesn’t show interest in anything except playing games in mobile phones and in computer and watching TV. He loves to play football but not a very good player. He shows more interest in his jerseys, boots etc. rather than improving his game. He is too lazy to go through the toil of the learning process of anything. He is very untidy. Many a times we get complain against him from his school, mainly of disturbing the class and also about his deteriorating scholastic performance. Without being rebuked he doesn’t even maintain his routine regular works like brushing teeth, bathing etc. Our family life is very much disturbed mostly due to his behaviour and continuous non-sense activities. But it doesn’t bother him at all. We are very puzzled and don’t know how to deal with him. Please advise. May we have an appointment of Prof. Nilanjana Sanyal in this regard?

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