I have recently married a girl with a complex situation. She was a divorcee. It was all right to marry her and make my family agree to marriage. Things changed after marriage, she went to home after 4 months and now giving reasons of adjustment with my mom, now she wants me to get out of my home. This is not possible in such a small time after marriage, and I also believe that she is seeing things worse than it really is. I doubt if this is a psychological trauma of commitment and adjustment after marriage. Since she is already a divorcee she might feel that she is not accepted well in her second marriage. Which is not true. She has started blaming me and my parents. Which has devastated my family a lot. Yet, I want to make her understand that in marriage adjustments, patience, responsibilities are required. Can this be helped by someone in your panel. I have fought much to marry her, I don’t want it to end abruptly if it has something to do with her mental trauma.

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