I am a hapless father aged 66 years, seeking your help for my mentally depressed son who studied in class- XI. But he has failed in all the papers and was not promoted to class-XII.The reason is that he never touches and reads the books not for a single minute. The psychiatrist( under treatment since two years for ADD and OCPD) has now advised for counselling by an expert for solving the study problem. You are an authority in this area. You are also very empathetic and helpful. May you enlighten, inspire and motivate my son for pursuing his study. I am in great anxiety for his future as I am a heart patient. Will he be cured to study effectively and fruitfully? At present he is taking PRODEP20, ARPIZOL10 and PACITANE 2mg daily. But there is no improvement in his studies which is completely NIL at present after he failed in class-XI With regards, Mrityunjoy Chakraborty.(Father) Mobile No– 9433713821, Bansdroni, kol–70

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