Parshad Member List

Dr. Madhabendra Nath Mitra, President

Dr. Mitra secured Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Rochester, U.S.A. and taught Philosophy for four decade. He retired as Reader in Philosophy,  Jadavpur University, Kolkata. He is the author of 'Language, Truth and Prediction' (1988). He was a trainee in psychoanalysis with Dr. Sinha and is a Founder Member of Samikshani. He founded the Counseling Cell at Jadavpur University in 1995, which was a pioneering endeavour at the University level in Inda. He co-ordinated the Post Graduated Diploma Course in Psychological Counseling, on behalf of the University of Jadavpur. The course was conducted by Samikshani in collaboration with the Department of Adult and Continuing Education and Extension, Jadavpur University.

Mr. Dilip Banerjee, Vice President
Ms. Bulbul Baksi, Secretary

Ms. Baksi works in the field of social development and mental health.In the social development sector, she specializes in health sector change and reform, and in partnership management for sustainable development. She was trained in Counseling and Psychotherapy at Samikshani, and provides counseling services at Samikshani clinic. She underwent long years of psychoanalysis with Dr. Sinha and Ms. Rotraut Roy Chowdhury and practices pychodynamic counseling. 

Mr. Sekhar Basu Mullik, Treasurer

Mr. Sekhar Basu Mullik has been trained in Counseling at Samikshani. He is currently Administrator at West Bank Hospital.

Professor Nilanjana Sanyal, Member, Parshad, Founder member

Professor Nilanjana Sanyal, Ph.D., M.I.P.S., M.I.P.A., is psychoanalyst and Professor of Psychology, University of Kolkata. She is a founder member of Samikshani and trained under Dr. Sinha. She has authored several articles published in Journals in India and abroad. Professional Sanyal played a lead role in raising awareness on mental health issues through radio and television programmes. She leads several research project. He main areas of interest are: Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Interpersonal Relations, Personality Studies and Spirituality.

Ms. Jolly Laha, Member, Parshad and Founder

Ms. Jolly Laha is a practicing psychodynamic therapist. She is a founder member of Samikshani. She has worked with different socio-economic groups. She works with children, adolescent and young adults, couples and relationship issues, educational and professional stresses. Ms. Laha also specializes in play therapy for children.

Dr. Srikumar Mukherjee, Member, Parshad

Dr. Srikumar Mukherjee, M.B.B.S., DPM, MD, is a psychiatrist with special interest in community psychiatry and rehabilitation process of patients with mental illness. 

Ms. Sharmishtha Mukherjee, Member, Parshad

Ms. Sharmishtha Mukherjee is a Psychologist associated with Calcutta Medical Research Institute. She is trained in counseling and psychotherapy at Samikshani.

Ms. Chandana Baksi

Ms. Chandana Baksi is a practicing psychotherapist, who has been trained at Samikshani. Her special area of interest is gender and mental health and she specializes in treating survivors of violence and abuse, persons who have undergone trauma. She is associated as mental health specialist various organizations such as Swayam.