Shamikshani recently organised a Tele-Counseling Workshop for the staff of Swayam. Here’s some feedback from the participants who attended the workshop:

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  1. Feedback from Anonymous Participants

    • The Tele-Counseling Training was very constructive and I learned a lot of new strategies. It also helped me review my counseling skills.
    • I learnt how to help Domestic Violence Survivors in spite of the present situation which makes carrying this work out difficult. I would like a refresher again next year.
    • The training reiterated the importance of voice, tone and choice of words and questions while reaching out to a survivor over the phone. On the last day there was a lot of discussion around dealing with women who have suicidal ideation. If we could have a few sessions in the future solely on that it would be helpful. Overall it was a wonderful experience, very unique and very much required at a time when we need to maximize our skills with limited resources.
    • I learnt the importance of listening skills, especially when counseling is carried out over the telephone.
    • The skills acquired in the training will be particularly helpful in the time to come, where social distancing will play an important role.

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